As a workplace, offices are often dominated by gray tones. But a few simple touches can help improve the mood of your office and spark creativity and inspiration among your employees. This article will introduce a simple and personalized method of office decoration – decorate the office with cork board (corkwood plank).

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What is cork board

Cork board, that is, corkwood plank, is a light board made of cork, usually used in office or home decoration and other fields. It is not only easy to install, but also can be cut freely according to different needs, very suitable for DIY decoration.


The use of cork board

  • Establish a message board: One of the most common uses of corkwood plank is to establish a message board as a communication platform for colleagues to communicate. Paste various letters, numbers, symbols and pictures on the corkwood plank to make your message board lively and interesting.
  • Showcase your work: If you’re a designer, painter or photographer, cork boards are ideal for showcasing your work. Arranging your works on the cork board according to the theme or style can instantly make your office full of artistic atmosphere.
  • Record important matters: nail a small notepad on the corkwood plank to record important matters in daily work. This will not only remind you, but also help you to complete the work tasks in an orderly manner.
  • Storage of small objects: corkwood plank can also be used to store small objects. You can use string to tie small items to the cork board, such as keys, clips, pens, etc., so that you don’t have to look around for small items anymore.
  • Make an alarm clock: You can make a simple alarm clock with signs and pointers on the corkwood plank, which can help you control time reasonably and make you more efficient at work.


How to design your cork board

  1. Choose the right corkwood plank size: The size of the corkwood plank can be customized according to your needs. If you want a large cork board, you can use multiple cork boards grouped together. If your space is limited, you can choose a smaller corkwood plank.
  2. Choose the right theme: corkwood plank can be designed according to different themes, such as literary style, cartoon style, retro style and so on. You can choose a theme that matches your company culture or your personal preferences.
  3. Choose the right decorations: The decorations of the cork board can be various stickers, photos, cards, thumbtacks, etc., you can choose according to your preferences. However, when choosing decorations, you need to pay attention to reasonable matching and not too messy.


Advantages of cork board

  1. Personalization: corkwood plank can be designed according to your preferences and needs, making your office personal.
  2. Eco-friendly: The cork board is made of natural cork, which is environmentally friendly.
  3. Convenience: The installation of corkwood plank is very simple; you can use thumbtacks or glue to fix it on the wall.
  4. Multifunctional: cork board can be used not only for office decoration, but also for home decoration, commercial display and other fields.


In conclusion

Corkwood plank is a simple and practical way to decorate the office, it can not only improve the office atmosphere, but also bring more creativity and inspiration to employees. When using corkwood plank, it is necessary to pay attention to reasonable collocation, avoid too clutter, and make the office fresher and more comfortable. In the future office decoration, cork board will become an increasingly popular choice. It can help improve the work efficiency and quality of employees, and it can also add a personalized and creative atmosphere to the office.

By Iye