As an environmentally friendly material, cork board is widely used in home decoration, construction, automobiles, trains and ships. Among them, the wall decoration style made of corkwood plank is very popular. Today, we will discuss how to use cork boards to create a new aesthetic style from the aspect of corkwood plank wall decoration.

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What is cork board

Cork board is a kind of wall decoration material made of cork as raw material, which has multiple advantages such as high elasticity, wear resistance, fire prevention, waterproof, heat preservation and sound insulation. Corkwood planks not only have good environmental performance, but also are loved by people for their unique texture and touch.


Application of cork board

Cork boards can be used in the field of construction, home decoration, automobiles, trains and ships, etc. Among them, the application of corkwood plank wall decoration is becoming more and more extensive. The corkwood plank can be applied to the wall decoration of multiple rooms such as living room, bedroom, study room, dining room, etc. It can provide soft texture and good acoustic effect, and can also create a warm and natural feeling at the same time.


Create a New Aesthetic with Cork Boards

  • Material selection for cork board wall decoration: The selection of corkwood plank wall decoration materials is very important. You can choose different styles of corkwood planks according to your preferences. The cork board can create a warm and natural feeling. At the same time, you can also choose corkwood planks of different shapes and sizes to make different styles of wall decoration.


  • Design of cork board wall decoration: The design of corkwood plank wall decoration is also very critical; you can choose different design styles to create a new aesthetic style. For example, you can choose to splice corkwood planks into different patterns or shapes to create a unique wall decoration, or you can choose to combine cork boards with other materials to create different effects.


  • Matching of cork board wall decoration: The matching of corkwood plank wall decoration is also very important. You can choose different home elements according to different styles. For example, you can choose to match some natural materials for home decoration, such as bamboo weaving, wooden furniture, etc. You can also choose some modern and simple home decoration to match with the cork wall decoration.


  • Maintenance of corkwood plank wall decoration: Although cork board wall decoration has good performance and texture, it still needs to be well maintained during use. For corkwood plank wall decoration, you can choose to use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean the wall surface. Do not use an over-wet cloth to wipe the cork board to avoid deformation of the corkwood plank. If the cork surface stains are difficult to clean, you can use a cork cleaner to clean them.


What are the uses of cork board?

Due to its unique performance and characteristics, cork board can be used in many fields, and its main uses are as follows:

  • Construction field: Corkwood planks can be used as waterproof, sound insulation, and thermal insulation materials for the interior and exterior walls, roofs, and floors of buildings.
  • Home decoration field: corkwood plank can be used as floor, wall, ceiling and other decorative materials, which can provide soft touch and good acoustic effect.
  • Automobiles, trains and ships: Cork panels can be used to make cabin interior decoration, ground, roof, etc., which can provide comfortable sitting posture and good sound insulation effect.
  • Field of sports facilities: Cork board can be used to make the ground of sports grounds, gymnasiums and other facilities, which can provide good cushioning performance and anti-skid effect.
  • Industrial field: cork board can be used to make products with special requirements such as shockproof, antistatic, heat insulation, etc., and can be used in aviation, military and other fields.

In short, corkwood planks have a wide range of uses and can be used in various fields. With the continuous development of technology in the future, the application fields of corkwood planks will continue to expand.



Cork board wall decoration not only has good environmental protection performance, but also has unique texture and touch, which is loved and sought after by more and more people. Using corkwood planks to create a new aesthetic style can not only improve the quality of the home, but also allow people to enjoy a more natural and comfortable living environment. With the continuous development of science and technology, the production process and performance of cork board will be further improved. In the future, there is still a lot of room for expansion in the application field of corkwood plank wall decoration, which can meet people’s continuously improving living quality requirements.

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