As people’s pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, home decoration has become the focus of people’s attention. When choosing decoration materials, people not only pay attention to appearance and texture, but also need to consider the performance and practicality of materials. Among them, moisture-proof performance has become a problem that more and more consumers pay attention to. As an environmentally friendly and natural decoration material, Cork Board has been widely recognized and trusted for its moisture-proof performance. This article will introduce the moisture-proof performance of Cork roll in detail from the following aspects.

Not afraid of moisture, the moisture resistance of Cork Board is trustworthy插图

Material Composition of Cork Board

Cork Board is a decoration material made of natural bark. The bark is rich in natural gas, which makes it have good sound insulation, heat preservation and moisture resistance. Cork roll also has a microporous structure, which can effectively absorb and release moisture and maintain the balance of indoor humidity. Compared with other wood decoration materials, Cork Board’s moisture resistance is more outstanding.


Cork Board’s moisture resistance test

The moisture resistance of Cork roll can be detected by various testing methods. Among them, the most common method is to use a mass analysis instrument to test its hygroscopicity and hygroscopicity. Experimental results show that Cork Board has excellent performance in moisture absorption and moisture release. Its moisture absorption rate is only 5%, which is much lower than that of other woods. And its moisture release rate has reached 60%, which can effectively prevent the indoor humidity from being too high.


Moisture-proof application of Cork Board

Cork roll’s moisture-proof performance makes it widely used in decoration in wet environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, etc. In these humid environments, Cork Board can not only effectively prevent moisture, but also prevent the growth of mold and fungus, keeping the indoor air fresh. In addition, Cork Board can also effectively prevent floors and walls from deforming and cracking due to moisture, prolonging the service life of home decoration.


Moisture-proof maintenance of Cork Board

Although Cork Board has good moisture-proof performance, it still needs some maintenance in daily use. First of all, it is necessary to keep the room well ventilated and clean up the accumulated water and moisture in the room in time. Secondly, it is necessary to regularly check whether the surface of the Cork Board is cracked or peeled off, and repair and replace it in time. Finally, clean rags and cleaning supplies need to be used for cleaning, and do not rinse directly with water during the cleaning process.


Environmentally friendly materials will become the new favorite of home improvement

At the same time, not only cork rolls, but also many environmentally friendly materials will become the new favorites for home decoration. With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, consumers’ demand for environmentally friendly materials will continue to increase. The home decoration industry will also conduct more explorations and attempts in environmental protection materials, and launch more environmentally friendly, healthy and beautiful products. The entire industry will also usher in a golden age of environmentally friendly materials.


Government and business

The government and enterprises should also increase the promotion and application of environmentally friendly materials. The government can introduce relevant policies to encourage enterprises to use environmentally friendly materials, and can also provide relevant financial and technical support. Enterprises can start from themselves, strengthen the research and development and production of environmentally friendly materials, and launch more environmentally friendly, healthy, and beautiful products to meet the needs of consumers.


In short, Cork Board is an environmentally friendly and natural decoration material, and its moisture resistance is trustworthy. Through the introduction of its material composition, moisture-proof performance test, moisture-proof application and moisture-proof maintenance, we can see that Cork Board has a very good performance in moisture-proof. In home decoration, choosing Cork roll can effectively improve the comfort and health of the indoor environment, so that people can enjoy a better life.

By Iye