Cork Board is a decoration material made of natural bark. It is favored by more and more people because of its environmental protection, naturalness and excellent performance. Among them, the production process of Cork roll is also an important link. The production process of Cork Board is not only environmentally friendly, but also energy-saving and sustainable. This article will introduce its production process in detail from the following aspects.

Cork Board production process: environmental protection, energy saving, sustainable插图

Raw material collection

The main raw material of Cork Board is the bark of grape vines, which is a natural and environmentally friendly material. In the process of collecting bark, manufacturers usually choose to use manual collection to reduce damage to trees. In addition, manufacturers also need to choose the right time and season for collection to ensure the quality and quantity of bark. This collection method not only ensures the environmental protection of Cork roll, but also promotes local economic and social development.


Raw material handling

After the bark is collected, it needs to be processed. During the treatment process, manufacturers usually choose to use technologies such as water vapor and high-pressure cleaning to remove impurities and oils in the bark to ensure the purity and quality of the bark. In addition, the manufacturer will dry and crush the bark for subsequent processing and production.


Production and processing

After raw material treatment, the bark is sent to the production line for processing. In the process of production and processing, manufacturers usually adopt advanced technology and equipment to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. For example, manufacturers will choose to use efficient heat presses and cooling equipment to reduce energy waste. At the same time, the manufacturer will also process and recycle production wastewater and waste gas to achieve the goals of environmental protection, energy saving and sustainability.


Product packaging

After production and processing, the product packaging of Cork Board also needs to consider environmental protection. Manufacturers usually use recyclable packaging materials, such as cardboard and paper bags, to reduce the impact on the environment. At the same time, the manufacturer will also carry out refined design and customized services for product packaging to meet the needs and requirements of consumers.


Applications of Cork Board

We can see that the scope of application of Cork roll is becoming wider and wider. It can be used not only for home decoration, but also for decoration in public places, such as hotels, shopping malls, offices, etc. Cork Board is not only beautiful, but also has excellent functional performance, which can meet the needs of different places.


Cork Board is constantly evolving and innovating

In addition, with the continuous development of technology, Cork roll is also constantly developing and innovating. At present, some manufacturers have added some new materials in the production process of Cork Board, such as glass fiber, resin, etc., so that Cork Board has better quality and performance on the basis of maintaining the original characteristics, and is more suitable for the needs of modern people.


Cork Board’s unique texture and texture

Cork Board, as a representative of environmentally friendly materials, its unique texture and texture can bring many advantages to home decoration. In the future, the application of Cork Board will be more extensive and in-depth, and its development prospect is also very broad. We should pay more attention to the application of environmentally friendly materials, start from ourselves, jointly maintain our earth home, and be responsible for our future.


In short, the production process of Cork roll has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and sustainability. Through the control of multiple links such as raw material collection, raw material processing, production processing and product packaging, manufacturers can guarantee the quality and environmental protection of Cork Board. In the future, with the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection and the continuous advancement of technology, the production process of Cork Board will continue to be innovated and optimized to create a healthier and more comfortable living environment for people.

By Iye