Cork roll is an environmentally friendly, beautiful, and moisture-proof and mildew-proof decorative material. It can effectively keep the interior dry and keep your home dry all year round. In interior decoration, moisture and mildew are common problems, and the moisture and mildew resistance of Cork Board can effectively solve these problems.

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Taking into account environmental protection and aesthetics

Cork Board is a natural decorative material, its main raw material is cork bark, no need to cut down the whole tree, which not only reduces the damage to the tree, but also can effectively use resources. In the production process, there is no need to use any toxic or dangerous chemicals, and the material itself does not contain harmful substances and volatile organic compounds, and will not produce odor and pollution. Therefore, Cork roll takes into account the characteristics of environmental protection and aesthetics, and is an ideal decoration material.


Moisture-proof and mildew-proof

  • Moisture-proof: Cork Board has a certain moisture-proof performance, which can effectively reduce the damage of moisture to the material. Its cell structure contains a large number of pores and voids, which can absorb moisture from the air, thereby reducing indoor humidity. In addition, the surface of Cork Board can be coated with a layer of water-repellent paint to improve its moisture resistance and make it suitable for wet environments.


  • Anti-mildew: Cork roll can effectively prevent the growth and reproduction of mold. Mold is a common indoor bacterium that grows in moist and oxygen-deprived environments, producing toxins and causing health hazards. Cork Board’s natural texture and fibers allow it to form tiny pores on the surface, allowing air and moisture to circulate naturally, allowing indoor humidity and temperature to be regulated, thereby reducing mold growth.


Beautiful and diverse

Cork Board has a wide variety of colors and textures, from light to dark, from pink, blue to natural, so you can choose different colors and textures of Cork roll according to different decoration styles and needs to achieve different decorations Effect. At the same time, Cork Board can be cut into various shapes and sizes, and can be DIYed according to needs to achieve diverse decorative effects.


Multifunctional application

Sound insulation and heat insulation: Cork Board has excellent sound insulation and heat insulation performance, which can effectively reduce noise and maintain indoor temperature. Therefore, Cork roll is generally used as sound-absorbing panels and sound-insulating materials for sound and heat insulation in different spaces such as homes, commercial spaces, and industrial places.

Fireproof and wear-resistant: Cork Board has certain fireproof and wear-resistant properties, which can meet the safety requirements of different places. Cork Board has a fire rating of B1, which prevents fires to a certain extent. At the same time, the surface of Cork roll can be specially treated to make it have better wear resistance and not easy to be damaged. Therefore, Cork Board is suitable for high-intensity commercial spaces and public places, such as hotel lobbies, offices, exhibition halls, etc.


Especially in the humid southern region, the moisture-proof and mildew-proof function of Cork Board has been widely recognized. Due to the high temperature and humidity in the southern region, the indoor humidity is heavy, which can easily lead to mildew on the walls and floors, affecting the home environment and health. The moisture-proof and mildew-proof function of Cork roll can effectively solve this problem and keep the family dry all year round.

In short, Cork Board, as an environmentally friendly, beautiful and multifunctional decorative material, has the characteristics of moisture and mildew resistance, and can effectively keep the interior dry and hygienic. In the future, as people’s requirements for environmental protection and health continue to increase, Cork Board will surely become an important choice in the decoration industry, and it will be more and more widely used in the decoration and renovation of various spaces.

By Iye