Cork Board is an environmentally friendly, beautiful, and versatile decorative material. Because of its many advantages, such as moisture and mildew resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance, wear resistance, and easy cleaning, Cork Board has been widely used in various fields. From environmentally friendly materials to healthy living, the significance of Cork roll cannot be ignored.

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Environmental protection material

The main raw material of Cork Board is cork bark, which does not need to cut down the whole tree, which not only reduces the damage to the tree, but also can effectively use resources. In the production process, there is no need to use any toxic or dangerous chemicals, and the material itself does not contain harmful substances and volatile organic compounds, and will not produce odor and pollution. Therefore, Cork Board is an environmentally friendly material that meets the requirements of sustainable development.


Healthy lifestyle

  • Moisture-proof and mildew-proof

Cork roll has a certain moisture-proof and mildew-proof performance, which can effectively reduce the impact of moisture and mold on the indoor environment and human health. A humid environment can easily promote the growth and reproduction of mold, produce harmful volatile organic compounds and odor, and cause harm to the respiratory system and skin. The moisture-proof and mildew-proof performance of Cork Board can effectively solve these problems, keep the indoor environment dry and clean, and make people breathe healthier.


  • Sound insulation

Cork Board has excellent sound insulation and heat insulation performance, which can effectively reduce noise and maintain indoor temperature. This is especially important for the indoor environment and human health. Noise can have adverse effects on the human auditory system and nerves. Long-term exposure to noise can also cause insomnia, headaches and other health problems. If the indoor temperature is too high or too low, it will not only affect people’s comfort, but also affect people’s immunity and health. The sound insulation and heat insulation performance of Cork roll can effectively improve these problems and create a healthier home environment.


Fireproof and wear-resistant

Cork Board has a certain fire resistance and wear resistance, which can effectively protect the safety of human life and property. Fire is a common natural disaster, which will cause immeasurable losses to people’s lives and properties, and the fire performance of Cork Board can reduce this risk to a certain extent. At the same time, the wear resistance of Cork roll can make it widely used in various places, such as commercial places, hospitals, schools, etc., providing a safer and healthier environment for people’s life and work.


Development of the Cork Board

At the same time, the development of Cork Board also requires the cooperation and support of the government, enterprises and all parties in society. The government can strengthen the formulation and implementation of environmental protection policies and regulations, and encourage enterprises and consumers to choose environmentally friendly and healthy materials and products. Enterprises can strengthen technological research and development and innovation, improve product quality and performance, and meet consumer needs and expectations. All sectors of society can strengthen publicity and education, improve public awareness of environmental protection and health awareness, and jointly promote the realization of green life.


In short, Cork roll is not only an environmentally friendly material, but also a symbol of healthy life. With the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for environmental protection and health, Cork Board will surely become an important choice in the decoration industry, and is more and more widely used in the decoration and renovation of various spaces. Let us pursue a healthy lifestyle together, choose an environmentally friendly and healthy Cork Board, create a healthier and better home environment, and jointly build a green and sustainable society. In addition, the development of Cork roll can also promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading in related fields, promote the development of a green economy, and create more employment opportunities and economic benefits.

By Iye