Nowadays, environmental protection has become a hot topic that people pay attention to. As people pay more attention to environmental protection issues, more and more people begin to pay attention to using environmentally friendly materials to build their own home environment. Cork Board is a very environmentally friendly material. It is made of tree bark. It not only has good environmental performance, but also has good sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, and earthquake resistance. Therefore, Cork plank has been widely used in construction, decoration, furniture and other fields.

Create a unique home style with creative and environmentally friendly materials: the application of Cork Board插图

So, how to apply Cork Board to the home environment to create a unique home style? Below, this article will introduce some creative Cork Board application methods based on actual cases.


Wall decoration

Cork plank can be used to decorate the wall to create a unique home style. It can not only enhance the sound insulation effect of the room, but also play a role in heat preservation, which is especially important in winter. The color and texture of Cork Board are very natural, so it can be used well with other decorative materials to create a unique wall effect.


For example, Cork Board can be used as a backdrop for a living room. Use Cork planks of different sizes and shapes to splice patterns on the wall, and add some small decorations to create a background wall with a sense of design. In addition, Cork Board can also be used to make wall hanging decorations, such as making a large “X” shape with Cork Board, and then hanging photo frames or small decorations on it, which is both practical and beautiful.


Floor covering

Cork plank can be used for flooring, its texture and color are very natural, can create a warm, natural home atmosphere. The surface of Cork Board flooring is very smooth, not only easy to clean, but also has a long life and is very durable. In addition, Cork Board flooring is also waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, and anti-corrosion, and is very suitable for wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.


When laying Cork plank floor, need to pay attention to the following points. First of all, it is necessary to ensure the flatness of the ground. If the ground is uneven, problems will easily occur when paving. Second, use a suitable glue to bond the Cork Board floor to the ground. Finally, leave some gaps to allow the Cork Board floor to expand and contract freely.


Furniture making

Cork plank can be used to make furniture such as coffee tables, chairs, nightstands, and more. Because the texture and color of Cork Board are very natural, the furniture produced is very artistic and natural, which can add a unique atmosphere to the home environment.


For example, a coffee table can be made from Cork Board. A very unique coffee table can be made by splicing Cork planks of different sizes and shapes together, and then putting glass panels on it. Also, it is possible to make a chair out of Cork Board. The bottom of the Cork Board chair can be supported by metal or wood, and the seat and backrest can be made of Cork plank, which makes it have good comfort and aesthetics. The bedside table is also a very good choice. The bedside table made of Cork Board is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a sense of design, which can fully reflect the personality and creativity of the room.


In short, Cork Board, as a new type of environmentally friendly material, has a wide range of application prospects. In the process of use, it is necessary to pay attention to the precautions in installation and maintenance to ensure its good use effect and service life. Through the creative application of Cork plank, you can create a unique personality and artistic sense for the home environment, making the home environment more warm, natural and comfortable. We believe that as people pay more and more attention to environmentally friendly materials, Cork Board will definitely become an indispensable part of decoration and home environment in the future.

By 伊耶