Action camera flashes are an integral part of the shooting process. However, there are many types of action camera flashes on the market, and different types of flashes are also different in terms of usage, effects, and prices. This article will introduce how to choose the flash for your action camera flashlight.

Learn about the different types of action camera flashes

Before choosing an action camera flash, you first need to understand the characteristics and scope of application of different types of flash.

  • Built-in flash: The built-in flash is usually fixed on the camera, and it is compact in shape and easy to carry and use. Compared with the external flash, the built-in flash is more convenient to use and does not require additional installation and adjustment. The built-in flash usually can only provide limited lighting effect, which is suitable for some shooting environments with relatively good light.
  • External flash: Compared with the built-in flash, the external flash can be flexibly installed on the camera according to needs and provide more efficient lighting effects. External flash is usually equipped with adjustable brightness and angle, which can be adjusted according to actual shooting needs. External flashes can usually also be equipped with accessories such as diffuser panels and diffuse reflectors to achieve softer lighting effects.
  • Professional flash: Professional flash is usually used in some special shooting environments, such as commercial shooting, photography studio, etc. Professional flashes usually have higher brightness and richer functions, enabling more complex lighting effects. However, professional flashes are usually more expensive and require adjustment and operation by professionals.



Here are a few more things to keep in mind when choosing an action camera flashlight flash:

  • Brand and quality: Choosing a well-known brand and a flash with a good reputation can guarantee the quality and stable performance of the product. At the same time, you can check the warranty period and after-sales service of the product when purchasing, so as to ensure that problems encountered in use can be supported and resolved in a timely manner.
  • Brightness and angle adjustment: External flashes usually have the function of adjustable brightness and angle, which is very important for achieving different lighting effects. When choosing, you can pay attention to the brightness range and angle adjustment range of the flash to meet your shooting needs.
  • Additional equipment and accessories: External flashes can usually be equipped with additional equipment and accessories, such as diffusers, diffuse reflectors, etc., to achieve more diverse lighting effects. When choosing, you can consider the abundance of accessories for the flash and the availability of accessories.
  • Power supply: External flashes usually need to be powered by batteries or a rechargeable power source. When choosing, you can pay attention to the power consumption and battery life of the flash, as well as the stability and portability of the charging power supply.
  • Convenience of use and operation interface: Choosing a flash that is easy to use and has a friendly operation interface can reduce troubles and troubles during use. Some flashes with intelligent functions can be considered, such as wireless control, automatic recognition, etc., to enhance the shooting experience.



To choose a flash for your own action camera, you need to consider your shooting needs, budget and usage habits. Understanding different types of flashes and choosing them according to the actual situation can improve the shooting effect and experience. At the same time, pay attention to the brand and quality, as well as related additional equipment and accessories when purchasing, so as to ensure that you can choose high-quality and applicable flash products. The most important thing is that after choosing a flash, you must fully understand and practice, and master its usage methods and skills in order to exert its maximum effect.

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