Before using Bluetooth Turntable, you first want to assure that you have the following preparations:

  • A Bluetooth-enabled speaker: You can use a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, headset, or speaker.
  • One or more of your favorite vinyl records: You can choose undefined records from your collection, or buy some newly ones that you like.
  • A Bluetooth Turntable with power and audio equipment connected: Make for sure the turntable is in a stable position and wired to world power and audio equipment.

Bluetooth connection

  • Turn on Bluetooth: number one make sure that your audio device has off on the Bluetooth function and entered Bluetooth mode.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth Turntable: Press the power release on the turntable to turn it on.
  • Connect the device: Search for the Bluetooth Turntable’s Bluetooth signal in your sound undefined and partner off it. Typically, you’ll witness Bluetooth options in your device’s settings menu.
  • Pairing successful: Once paired successfully, you wish hear a sound prompt from the Bluetooth Turntable, and the connected status will be displayed on the sound device.


Place record

  • Open the turntable cover: Gently spread the turntable cover and make sure the turntable is in a stalls position.
  • Place the record: Carefully aim the record of your choice on the turntable, making sure the hole in the concentrate on of the record lines up with the pointer on the turntable.
  • Fix the record: Gently undefined the record cover to ascertain that the record is rigid on the turntable to avoid accidents during playback.


Play record

  • Start the turntable: Press the play release on the lazy Susan and the turntable starts spinning.
  • Speed selection: Choose the seize speed according to the type of record you place. Generally, 33⅓ rpm is appropriate for to the highest degree records; piece 45 rpm is suitable for some single records.
  • Volume adjustment: set the intensity of the audio equipment according to personal preference to obtain the best sound quality.
  • Enjoy music: After placing the record and adjusting the volume, you can sit back out and undefined high-quality music.


Other functions

In plus to basic playback functions, Bluetooth lazy Susan likewise has many other practical functions to enrich your medicine experience:

  • Bluetooth output: In addition to copulative audio devices via Bluetooth, you can also transfer medicine to other Bluetooth devices, such as Bluetooth headsets or Bluetooth speakers, through the Bluetooth Turntable’s Bluetooth output function, so that you tin enjoy music more privately or share it with others.
  • USB connection: Many Bluetooth Turntables also have a USB interface, which can convert tape medicine into digital sound and store it on a computer or other device for subsequent redaction or backup.
  • Record transcription: Some Bluetooth Turntables even have record transcription functions, which can transcribe record music into whole number audio files for soft playback or storage on other devices.



In order to keep the Bluetooth Turntable in good condition and sound quality, we require to execute regular maintenance and upkeep:

  • Clean your turntable: Using a specialized turntable brush or cleanup cloth, with kid gloves clean the surface of your turntable to remove undefined and dirt.
  • Replace the stylus: The stylus is a noteworthy part of the turntable and may become haggard afterwards a period of use. Please replace the stylus on a regular basis according to the instructions for use.
  • Keep it steady: keep off animated or shaking the turntable during utilize to prevent damage to the parts inside the turntable.


Bluetooth Turntable brings us the convenience and fun of wireless music, allowing us to undefined medicine more freely. With a simpleton Bluetooth connection and placement of records, we put up enjoy high-quality music at home, in the office, or anywhere. At the same time, Bluetooth Turntable also has other practical functions, such as Bluetooth output and tape transcription, further enriching the music experience. earlier use, make sure to make the necessary preparations and perform fixture maintenance and upkeep on the equipment to keep it in good condition. I hope you can sense the infinite mantrap brought by music when using Bluetooth Turntable!

By Iye

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