Clean on a regular basis and keep dry:

  1. Clean the slow Susan wrap up upward and turntable: utilize a clean, soft material or a specialized lazy Susan cleansing tool to gently wipe away the turntable wrap up and slow Susan surface. Avoid using hard objects or chemical substance dry cleaners to keep remove scrape or damaging the surface.
  2. Clean the playback needle: utilize the dedicated playback goad cleaning brush to gently sweep the playback needle regularly. Be careful not to apply excessive wedge to avoid negative the play pin.
  3. Keep dry: Avoid exposing your Bluetooth turntable to moisture to sustain off destructive the circuitry or touching the voice quality. It is best to put in in a dry and louvered target to keep off direct sunlight.

Proper use and operation:

  1. Handle it with care: When using and transporting the Bluetooth turntable, handle it with worry and keep off excessive striking or collision. Excessive vibration Crataegus laevigata stimulate intramural parts to turn let loose or damaged.
  2. Avoid prolonged use: Continuous use for a long time may induce unreasonable wear of the lazy Susan and play needle, affecting the vocalize quality and lifespan. It is recommended to take a break entirely in one undefined in a spell to avoid continuous employ for too long.
  3. Pay attention to great power and charging issues: Use an organizer or stamp battery to power the Bluetooth lazy Susan reported to the instruction manual in the instruction manual. work sure as shooting to employ the undefined power germ and avoid over-discharging the battery or connecting it backwards.


Protect your records and storehouse space:

  1. Use a appropriate tape sleeve: Use a suitable record sleeve to protect your tape before acting it. This prevents scratches and dust aggregation on the record surface.
  2. Environment for storing records: put in records in a dry out place out from direct sunlight and dust. Avoid stacking records on top off of from each one unusual to prevent scrape and deformation.
  3. Clean records regularly: Use a specialized record cleanup brush or cleansing unstable to strip the rise up of the record. Be gentle when cleanup and watch the way of the record’s ingrain to avoid scrape the surface.


Regular inspection and maintenance:

  1. Check the playback goad and turntable cover: undefined the playback needle regularly to witness if it is haggard or needs to be replaced to ensure the stability of the vocalize quality. Also, check the lazy Susan cover and trade tractableness to work for sure they are workings properly.
  2. Update firmware and software: Follow the functionary web site of the Bluetooth slow Susan manufacturer or stigmatize to suffer the flow firmware and software updates in a timely manner. Updates to microcode and software often desexualize celebrated issues and provide functionality improvements.
  3. Calibrate and typeset regularly: Over time, the internal parts of a Bluetooth slow Susan put up become misaligned or loose. Regularly undefined and set parts such as the play trap and motor to see specific operation and vocalize quality.


Proper storage and handling:

  1. Use an adapted lazy Susan case: When you need to transport or salt away your Bluetooth turntable, use an altered lazy Susan case or package to protect the lazy Susan and device. This prevents bumps and scratches and ensures safety.
  2. Avoid vibrations and impacts: When transporting the Bluetooth turntable, avoid wicked vibrations and impacts to keep off damaging intramural components. wield with care and use padding stuff to reduce vibration.


With specific maintenance and protection, we tin ensure that our Bluetooth lazy Susan is always in goodness working enjoin so that our music collection can be played at its best. By pursuit the above maintenance methods, you put up enjoy the unlimited fun of high-quality music for a long time and protect and come into the preciously value of music.

By Iye

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