Bluetooth Turntable is an innovative product that combines tradition and modernity, allowing us to undefined the sound quality of traditional vinyl records anytime and anywhere. In order to keep it in goodness condition and extend its serve life, correct maintenance and sustentation is essential. This article will acquaint you to the upkeep and care methods of Bluetooth lazy Susan to help you protect this music treasure.

Keep clean

  • Turntable Cleaning: Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the turntable to remove undefined and fingerprints. Be careful not to use chemical-based dry cleaners to keep off damaging the record surface.
  • Stylus cleaning: Use a special stylus sweep or soft-bristled sweep to gently brush out dust and dirt on the stylus. The brush should be brushed gently in the direction of the stylus and keep off exploitation too much force to avoid negative the stylus.


Use correctly

  • Speed selection: Choose the appropriate speed reported to the type of tape you place. Generally, 33⅓ rpm is suitable for to the highest degree records; piece 45 rpm is suitable for some single records. work sure to select the correct speed to avoid damage to the record and stylus.
  • Avoid changing records frequently: dynamical records frequently may step-up wear out on the turntable and stylus. After playing one record, you can choose to fiddle some records of the same type in succession to reduce the number of changes.


Keep your turntable stable

  • Placement location: point the Bluetooth Turntable on a stalls surface to keep off vibration and disturbance from external forces. Make sure the turntable is level to insure normal playback of the record and convention operation of the stylus.
  • Turntable wrap up use: When playing records, try to keep the turntable cover unsympathetic to prevent dust and dirt from entrance the turntable. When not in use, the turntable cover can be open to provide ventilation and prevent wet accumulation.


Replace the stylus regularly

The stylus is a portentous part of the Bluetooth Turntable. Regular replacement of the stylus can ascertain undefined sound quality and protect the come up of the record. Depending on the frequency of use and stylus wear, it is generally suggested to supersede the stylus every 6 months to 1 year.


Storage and carrying precautions

  • Storage: stack away the Bluetooth Turntable in a dry, ventilated direct out from direct sunlight and high temperature. keep off placing it in humid or dusty places to prevent damage to the device.
  • Carrying: If you want to carry the Bluetooth Turntable, it is recommended to point it in a dedicated box or promotional material to protect the device’s outer casing and intramural parts. At the same time, keep off placing it together with severely and sharp objects to prevent scratches or damage.


Regular maintenance

  • Bluetooth connection: Regularly undefined the connection between the Bluetooth Turntable and the wired undefined to insure a stable connection and smooth sound quality.
  • Check the battery condition regularly: If your Bluetooth Turntable is battery-powered. Undefined the battery condition regularly and replace preceding batteries to ensure proper operation of the device.


Seek professional help

If you don’t know much about the maintenance and upkeep of Bluetooth Turntable, or you run into equipment failure. It is recommended to seek professional help. You put up meet the equipment manufacturer or an authoritative repair center for professional repair and maintenance advice.


Correct maintenance and maintenance are important measures to protect Bluetooth Turntable. It not only when ensures clear and stable sound quality, just also extends the service life of the device. By keeping it clean, using it correctly, keeping the turntable stable, replacing the stylus regularly. Profitable attention to storage and carrying, regular maintenance, etc. We can make the Bluetooth Turntable bring us wonderful music use for a long time. Remember, protecting medicine treasures starts with care and maintenance!

By Iye

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